Debra Delorean

The Girl with the Straight A's and the Double D's

Debra Delorean is a (newly) Boston-based beauty who began her neo-burlesque career in 2008 as an undergrad with Alpha Psi Ecdysia, the nation's premier college burlesque troupe. There, New York State tax dollars allowed her to study with some of the greats of NY Neo-Burlesque: Jo Boobs, Tigger!, World Famous *BOB*, and Darlinda Just Darlinda. After graduation, she moved to NYC and performed with Rhinestone Gorilla in their nostalgia-heavy theme shows, a National Tour, and the critically-acclaimed Animaniacs musical, "Good Idea/Bad Idea" (for which she was also head kitten). She has also been seen at Times Scare, Kitty Nights, Burlesque at the Beach, R-Bar, the Great Burlesque Expo and 2013's First Annual Alternatease. In order, she likes provoking: thought, uncomfortable laughter, and confusing pants sensations.

Debra Delorean - "Peanuts"


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